Round 8 Pennant Report 2018/19



The cat (Lion) has been let loose among the pigeons! After a great win last week against the Ringwood Eagles, Pakenham One (Div 1) upped the ante on Saturday with an even better victory against Croydon.  Sitting securely on the second rung of the ladder, Croydon’s Pirates may have already pencilled in a win against the Lions (eighth) but it was the home side which gained a massive early advantage, being ahead on all rinks and up 32/6 by the completion of the first 20 ends.  At the half way mark the Pirates were still shell shocked but had recovered a little to reduce the deficit to 20 shots – however they still did not have a winning rink.  The Lions kept the pressure up after the tea break, eventually booting home a 108/70 victory and collecting 16 valuable Pennant points in the process.  Best rink with 32/12 was Geoff (Voota) Van Vugt (S), Josh McQueen (3), Des (Grizzly) Leigh (2) and Glenn (Google) Bainbridge (L).

The Ones have moved up two rungs on the ladder to sixth and face Mulgrave Country Club (seventh) away, next round.  Only three points cover fourth to seventh spots at present so it is important that they maintain their momentum.

Pakenham Two (Div 2) did not find the grass at Glen Waverley to their liking and their opponents grabbed an early lead.  By the half way mark the Lions had made some inroads into the deficit but at 30/42 were still in trouble.  From that point forward, both sides were evenly balanced but the hosts never gave up their early lead and ran out overall winners, 78/61.  Pakenham’s only winning rink with 21/16 was Keith Lewis (S), Kerry Lewis (3), Wally Noy (2) and Val Moore (L).  They dropped from fifth to seventh on the ladder.

Pakenham Two to Pakenham Five all have a double header next weekend.  The twos are home to Edithvale (third) on Saturday and home again to Berwick (sixth) on Sunday.

In terms of results, Pakenham Three’s horror year continued on Saturday, although they acquitted themselves well in their away game against Cranbourne RSL One; with one rink up and the others losing by narrow margins, they came close to grabbing that elusive victory and went down by only 10 shots overall.  Their only winning rink staged a great comeback, turning a half time score of 6/14 down into 23/22 up by the completion of play.  Well done Jennifer Bainbridge (S), Charles Harris (3), Lois Mashado (2) and Ron Hawkins (L).  The Threes also have two home games next weekend – they host Burden Park (fourth) on Saturday and Narre Warren (second) on Sunday.

Also flying the flag at home on Saturday, fifth placed Pakenham Four (Div 6) never gave their higher ranked opponents Ferntree Gully (second) a sniff at victory.  By a quarter of the way into the game they had three rinks up and one level for an overall score of 28/11 and were still three up and one drawn at the half way mark with the score at 49/33.  They dropped into top gear after the tea break and powered home to win on all rinks with an overall score of 89/57.  Best rink with 30/17 was Jan Moore (S), Josie Mazzarella (3), Ken Clifton (2) and Vince Bevilacqua (L).

The Fours are still in fifth spot but are now only two points behind Ferntree Gully who dropped to fourth.  They are away to Burden Park (sixth) on Saturday and Upwey/Tecoma (third) on Sunday.

Pakenham Five (Div 7) had a day they would prefer to forget.  They were absolutely flogged at Cranbourne and dropped from seventh to ninth rung of the ladder.  They have two home games to try to recover next weekend – against the Dandenong Club (sixth) on Saturday and Cardinia Waters (first) on Sunday.


Despite getting up on only one rink, Pakenham One (Div 1) had a comfortable win against the visitors from Ferntree Gully last Tuesday.  They were ahead at all stages of the game and with their best rink romping home by 29/11 and the others down by only two shots apiece they were never troubled.  The winning rink was Keith (Golden Arm) Archer (S), Charles Harris (3), Terry (Tmac) McRedmond (2) and Kerry Lewis (L).  The win saw them climb from seventh to fifth on the ladder; however only seven points covers fourth to eighth so winning or losing could mean rapid movement in either direction.  They will be away to Beaumaris (tenth) in round nine.

Pakenham Two (Div 2) hosted Narre Warren, also for a home win.  The Lions lagged behind a little early in the game but had found their rhythm by the half way point when they had two rinks ahead and the overall score at 42/28.  At 60/52 it was not a comfortable win, but a win, nevertheless and the 14 Pennant points gained saw them move from sixth to fifth on the ladder.  Best rink with 26/8 was Peter Bott (S), Ray Illing (3), Razor Ray Pigdon (2) and Sandra (Wildwoman) Wilde (L).  They are now only two points behind Narre Warren in fourth.  Round nine will see them under the new roof at the Dandenong Club (second).

The old enemy Berwick threw a spanner into the works for Pakenham Three (Div 5).  The Lions came home with two winning rinks but the third experienced an unacustomed loss.  They trailed all day by a few shots and eventually went down overall by just four shots, 61/65.  Best rink with 24/12 was Bill Bosch (S), David Moore (3), Peter Wilson (2) and Lavinia Moss (L).  Despite the loss, the Threes retain top spot, still almost a full round ahead of Berwick who are now second.  They will be home to Mulgrave Country Club (seventh) next round.

The Six-A-Side Pakenham Four were away at Hampton Park.  They played catch up bowls for the whole day and eventually lost 28/43, banking zero Pennant points.  They dropped from sixth to eighth on the ladder and will host Keysborough (seventh) next round.


The winner this week with number seven was Trent (Rowdy) Bedford.

Des Leigh