Midweek Divisional Finals


Mist shrouded the nearby Dandenongs at Boronia last Tuesday and conditions were cool, grey, damp and gusty but Pakenham’s Division Five Midweek side knuckled down and played through all but the heaviest of the showers in their Divisional quarter final match against Mooroolbark.  In a wonderful display of agressive bowling, John Moore (S), Ray Illing (3), Peter Powney (2) and Josie Mazzarella (L) were in control on their rink all day, only allowing their opponents one multiple (a four) for the entire match – they led eight/nil after the first five ends, 18/2 at the half way mark and 27/7 at the business end.  They then eased up a little to coast home to a final score of 29/15.

Bill Bosch(S), Darren Webster (hasn’t he been a revelation?), Peter Wilson (2) and Lavinia Moss (L) dropped a two on the first end which they got back on the second, then put the foot down to lead 7/3 after five ends, 17/8 after eleven and 20/11 at the sixteenth; they then held their own over the last five ends to record a final score of 25/16.

Jan Moore (S), Kevin Goonan (3), Alan Waterson (2) and Tina Courtin (L) had quite a few big wins during the season but had developed a worrying habit lately of giving the opposition a start then coming from behind.  On Tuesday, unfortunately, they left their run a little late and despite coming back hard went down with a final score of 16/22.  Nevertheless, Pakenham won comfortably overall, 70/53 and advanced to the semi-finals.

In direct contrast to Tuesday’s offering, the weather at Mulgrave on Thursday was near perfect – clear blue skies, temperature in the low twenties and negligible wind.  However the Lions were to find Mt Waverley, their semi-final opponent, a cut above the team they defeated two days earlier – Pakenham’s side remained unchanged.

John Moore’s crew put in another stirling effort – they charged away to be 11/2 up after five ends, 20/5 at the half way mark and 25/10 at the sixteenth; they finished with an overall score of 28/15, an amazing result against a side which had won their sectional final and had then advanced through a divisional quarter final.

Bill Bosch’s outfit were behind after the first few ends, but never let their opponents get away, always remaining within striking distance – down 5/6 after five ends, 10/13 halfway and 13/20 on the sixteenth, they showed great spirit, digging deep to outscore the opposition nine shots to two over the last five ends to salvage a draw.

Jan Moore’s team struck a particularly strong rink and were never really in the hunt.  On this occasion they gave up too big a lead early in the game and their opponents were too good to allow the customary come back.

When the game was stopped for the lunch break, Pakenham held a one shot lead, 33/32 and the game was there to be won; however they were unable to maintain the pressure overall and lost a close game 60/65 to a team which was just that bit better on the day.  Nevertheless, they can be rightly proud of their achievements this season – they won their Sectional Pennant and progressed deeper into the finals race than any other Pakenham side.  They will also be promoted to Division Four next season.

Des Leigh