Round 4 Pennant Report 2018/19



It was very much a case of, “the one that got away,” for a number of Pakenham teams on Saturday and the Pakenham One (Div 1) game at Berwick was a prime example.  The Lions started well and by the half way mark had three rinks up and a slender overall lead of six shots.  However in a heart breaking finish, the locals pulled off a four shot 79/75 win and Pakenham took home only four Pennant points.  Ironically, the Lions’ rink which had been lagging earlier fought back and with a 26/20 scorecard was the best winner.  They were Ryan (Rhino) Drummond (S), Des (Grizzly) Leigh (3), Chris (Stubbsey) Stubbings (2) and Stephen (Krusty) Bentley (L).  The Ones meet Heathmont at home in round five.

By way of contrast, Pakenham Two (Div 2) always seemed to be in control in their home game against Hampton Park One.  Despite a slightly sluggish start, they had established an 11 shot lead by the half way mark with three rinks up and the fourth all square.  By the end of the game the margin was still 11 shots and with three winning rinks the Lions collected 16 Pennant points.  Best rink, with a 22/14 score, was Peter Gribbin (S), Gary Pincott (3), Jennifer Bainbridge (2) and Terry O’Toole (L).   The Twos are away to top of the ladder Carrum next round.

Pakenham Three (Div 3) also let one slip through their fingers.  They were doing well in their home game against The Dandenong Club and with half the game completed, had two and a half rinks up and led by seven shots.  However the wheels fell off soon after that and they eventually lost 68/84 with only one winning rink.  That was Kevin Murphy (S), Roger Till (3), Kevin (Digger) Goonan (2) and John Siekman (L) with a tight 21/19 score.  They play Cranbourne Two, away, in round five.

To continue the unhappy tale, Pakenham Four (Div 6) also dropped one they looked like winning.  Playing on unfamiliar territory at Chelsea, they got away to a good start and by half way had an overall lead of seven shots, with three rinks up and the other not far behind.  However the gremlins got to work in the second half and by the time play ceased, the Lions were beaten 70/86 and had only one winning rink.  The four who got up were Peter Bott (S), Allister Stewart (3), Ken Clifton (2) and Darren Webster (L) with a close 23/19 score card.

Pakenham Five (Div 7) battled all afternoon at home against Berwick in a game which could have gone either way.  In the end, both sides had two rinks up and the overall margin was only three shots – in favour of the visitors, unfortunately.  Pakenham’s best rink with a dominant 29/17 score was Lindsay Stevenson (S), Eric Peterson (3), John Hickman (2) and John Barlow (L).  The Fives play Dandenong RSL Rec away next round.


For some reason many Pakenham teams seem to struggle to get a win at Mulgrave Country Club and that was the case for Pakenham One (Div 1) last Tuesday.  The final 50/68 score was not a thrashing and demonstrated that the Lions were competitive; nevertheless, they did not come home with any Pennant points.  With half of the first round of the midweek competition now completed, the Pennant ladder is starting to take some meaningful shape and at eighth on the ladder the Ones are not where they want to be.  It is hoped that they can construct a win at home against Vermont South next round.

Playing Berwick at home, Pakenham Two (Div 2) showed how it’s done; they jumped away to an early lead on all rinks and by the half way mark had doubled their opponent’s score.  By the completion of play they had constructed a dominant 74/42 win and collected maximum Pennant points.  Best rink (again) was Paul Currie’s crew with a 31/14 score card.  Paul was ably assisted by Peter Bott (3), Ken Clifton (2) and Joy Tomlin (L).  The Twos are now third on the ladder and with the added luxury of two home games in a row would reasonably expect another win next round against Hampton Park One (tenth).

Pakenham Three (Div 5) had a close battle all day at Churchill Waverley Golf but in the end, with two rinks up and one drawn and a score of 63/55, (appropriately) brought home the lion’s share of the Pennant points.  Best rink was Jan Moore (S), Lindsay Stevenson (3), Darren Webster (2) and Lavinia Moss (L) with a 26/20 score card.  The Threes sit on top of the Pennant ladder, almost a full round clear of Churchill Waverley Golf in second.  They have a bye next round and consequently cannot score any points but are likely to retain top spot.

The Six-A-Side Pakenham Four had an arm wrestle at home against Noble Park.  When the dust settled both sides had won a rink apiece, however it was the visitors who took the chocolates, 29/35.  The winning Pakenham rink was Ray Leggett (S), Louis Aguilar (2) and Faye Osborne (L) with a score of 18/17.  The loss places them at the bottom of the ladder in ninth.  They play third placed Cardinia Waters away next round.


Winner of the HI-LO with number 28 was Adrian Wheelan.


Des Leigh