Midweek Teams 2017-18

Tuesday February 20th 2018

Please be notified that teams playing away, an email

has been sent to that club asking the game to commence

no later than 10am.

We would ask all players to return to the club

after their games for the meet and greet with

Bowls dignitaries: Steve Glasson and Karen Murphy.


Pakenham 1, Division 1, Section 2

Pakenham V Glen Waverley  - Away

Cars Leave 8.30am

Team 1 

Lois Brock
Sandra Wilde
Faye Osborne
Janet Stevenson Team 2 Josie Mazzarella

Ave Jones Trish Morris
Lavinia Moss Team 3

Kerry Lewis
Val Moore Anna Barrie
Fiona Samson

Emergency: Annie Wetere


 Pakenham 2, Division 1, Section 3

Pakenham   V  Mrentone  - Home

Team 1 

Keith Archer 
Keith Lewis - Manager
John Moore
Ashley Graham Team 2

Jim Williams - Duty Team Kevin Goonan
Ken Clifton
Norm Box Team 3

Terry McRedmond
David Laird Terry O'Toole
Graem Wilde

Pakenham 3, Division 3, Section 6

Pakenham   V  Keysborough - Away

Car Leave 9.00

Team 1

Charles Harris - Manager
Brian Norton
Ray Pigdon
Lindsay Stevenson Team 2 Paul Currie
John Siekman
Kevin Donald
Joy Tomlin Team 3 Jim Barrie
Ray Illing
Peter Bott
Roy Harvie

Pakenham 4, Division 1, Section 4

Pakenham   V  Edithvale - Away

Cars Leave 8.30

Team 1

John Hickman - Manager

Ray Leggett

Peter Jones

Team 2

John Coote

Peter Wilson

Alan Waterson