Presentation Night 2018



It was time to celebrate at the Pakenham Bowls Club last Saturday night as the top performers for season 2017/18 were honoured with the presentation of trophies.

First category to be awarded was that of Most Valued Player for each of the nine Pennant sides which represented Pakenham during the season. As has been the practice for the last few years, this was done using a progressive Brownlow style presentation on the large TV screen, commencing with the aggregate of votes as at the completion of round 13. In some cases there were some surprise results with the outcome not evident until the last votes were taken into account from the final round.

Winners for each of the Midweek sides were John Hickman (Fours); Paul Currie (Threes); Stormin’ Norm Box (Twos); and Kerry Lewis (Ones), while the Saturday winners were John Coote (Fives); Ave Jones (Fours); Sam Granieri (Threes); Crow Crowley (Twos); and Foxy (Ones).

  John Coote – MVP Saturday Pakenham Five

  Norm Box – MVP Midweek Pakenham Two

  Chris Fox – MVP Saturday Pakenham One

Next category to be awarded was the Minor Championship, where Ray Illing was the victor with John Moore the runner-up. John was also the bridesmaid in The President’s Handicap where he narrowly lost a very tight final to Charles Harris.

  Ray Illing – Minor Championship

  Charles Harris – President’s Handicap

There was one constant over the next few awards and that was the name, “Geoff (Voota) Van Vugt”. He featured with Lois Brock in taking out the Mixed Pairs; with TMAC in winning the Club Pairs from Foxy and Paris; and lined up again in the final of the Triples with Krusty Bentley and Wildman to take the trophy ahead of Foxy, David Laird and Lefty Anderson.

  Mixed Pairs Champions – Voota and Lois Brock

  Voota & TMac – Men’s Pairs Champions

  Voota, Wildman & Krusty – Men’s triples Champions

The one championship Voota had no chance of winning was the Ladies’ Singles Title – that was taken by Jennifer Bainbridge in a great see-sawing final from Josie Mazzarella. When it came time for the Mens’ Singles Championship however, it was Voota again, although he was pushed to the very end by runner-up Krusty.

  Jennifer Bainbridge, Ladies Singles Champion (R) With Runner-up Josie Mazzarella

  Voota – Men’s Singles Champion

A high standard of entertaining bowls was displayed in many of the club championship games this season, particularly in the finals where the level was universally high. The game between Voota and Krusty was simply outstanding.

The final award for the night was the Jack McFarlane Medal, presented to the member judged by the board to have been the best club person of the year. The very worthy recipient, in recognition of her tireless work, was Annie Wetere who was rendered absolutely speechless by the honour.

  Annie Wetere – Jack McFarlane Medalist

In addition to individual achievements, Pakenham’s Pennant sides were quite successful during the season just completed - five of the nine sides made the finals and with the resulting promotions, the club will field teams in Divisions One, Two and Three in Saturday Pennant next season for the first time since joining the Metropolitan competition.

Pakenham players also achieved great results this season at Group level. Jennifer Bainbridge won the Casey Ladies’ Singles title; Voota was Casey Champion of Champions; Jennifer and Foxy won the Casey Mixed Pairs; Foxy and Dave Wood won the Open Pairs; Foxy, Dave and Big Dev won the Open Triples; and Foxy, Dave, Big Dev and Rhino Drummond won the Open Fours. Trophies for those titles will be awarded in a separate ceremony at Hampton Park on 15 April 2018.

The above winners then progressed to the Peninsula titles and were successful in the Mens’ Champion of Champions, the Open Triples and Open Fours. The next step, later in April, will be the State Titles in Bendigo at which Pakenham will be well represented in those three disciplines – Go Lions!

Des Leigh

Happy Faces on the night